Creative Bars Team – Festival Bars, Event Bars, Marquee Bars

This Is Us

Our people make the difference. One size doesn’t fit all which is why we take the time to get to the crux of your event, Lee our Operations Director will work with you to design the solution to suit your audience, your space and your vision. We’ve got the know-how and the numbers to bring it all to fruition. You’ll work with many of our people along the way: Liam who coordinates every project and oversees the operation from start to finish; Terry our HR & Compliance Manager who’ll support with his health and safety and security expertise; Luke, our Procurement Manager, our Staffing Manager who looks after every aspect of recruitment, training, transport and welfare of our people who work hard to make it happen.

  • Lee Pierce

    Operations Director

  • Liam Murphy

    General Manager

  • Adam Wilson

    Senior Operations Manager

  • Micha Staines

    Project Manager

  • Terry Brown

    HR & Compliance Manager

  • Luke Barlow

    Procurement Manager

  • Luke Jones

    Business Development Manager

Plus there’s more! Food Safety, Operation Managers, Bars Managers, Warehouse Managers, Food and Beverage Managers, Chefs, Cash Managers, Marketing and In-House Design to name a few. It’s the strength and gusto of our team that sets up apart. Our clients know us and trust in our ability to deliver every time.

  • Stephen McDade

    Managing Director

  • Samantha Woodley

    Bid Manager

  • Cathal Kyne

    Finance Manager

  • Kate Playdon

    Events & Commercial Manager

  • Inesa Vaiksnoraite

    Training & Recruitment Manager

  • Neil Lewis


  • Jack Elvin


  • Naa Hunter

    Senior Management Accountant

  • Sarah Harland

    Management Accountant

  • Sandra Posse

    Accounts Assistant

  • Marcin Gurdak


  • Stephen Walmsley-Harris

    Safety Manager

  • Keith Power

    Operations Manager

  • Ben Davis

    Warehouse Manager

A Team Effort

Whatever the event, big or small, or the time of day it is always nice to be served by staff who know what they’re doing, who engage with you and who smile!
We work very hard to ensure our staff are happy, well paid and confident in their roles and thoroughly enjoy their time at Creative, and the results speak for themselves. Our clients love working with us as we not only deliver great customer service we also deal with any demand whether it is an event for 100 or 100,000. We recruit both locally and nationally and have created great working relationships with national Universities, Colleges, Schools and local recruitment companies, ensuring we always recruit individuals who are passionate about what they do and who only want to give their very best.